Plattnerite Location: Ojuela mine, Mapimí, Mun. de Mapimí, Durango, Mexico. Scale:  5x3x2 cm.. Copyright: © John Betts
Chemical Formula: PbO2
Locality: Leadhills, Lanark, Scotland
Name Origin: Named after the German metallurgist, K. F. Plattner (1800-1858).Plattnerite is an oxide mineral and is the beta crystalline form of lead dioxide (β-PbO2), scrutinyite being the other, alpha form. It was first reported in 1845 and named after German mineralogist Karl Friedrich Plattner. Plattnerite forms bundles of dark needle-like crystals on various minerals; the crystals are hard and brittle and have tetragonal symmetry.


Plattnerite is found in numerous arid locations in North America (US and Mexico), most of Europe, Asia (Iran and Russia), Africa (Namibia) and Southern and Western Australia. It occurs in weathered hydrothermal base-metal deposits as hay-like bundles of dark prismatic crystals with a length of a few millimeters; the bundles grow on, or sometimes within various minerals, including cerussite, smithsonite, hemimorphite, leadhillite, hydrozincite, rosasite, aurichalcite, murdochite, limonite, pyromorphite, wulfenite, calcite and quartz.


Discovery date : 1845
Country of Origin : ECOSSE

Optical properties

Optical and misc. Properties : Fragile, cassant  –   Opaque  –   Translucide  –   Macles possibles  –
Reflective Power : ~13%

Physical properties

Hardness : 5,50
Density : 9,42
Color : black; brownish black; black grey
Luster : bright metallic; adamantine; unpolished
Streak : brown
Break : conchoidal
Cleavage : NO

Photos :

Plattnerite Paglio Pignolino Mine, Dossena, Italy Specimen weight:77 gr. Crystal size:1 mm Overall size: 62mm x 55 mm x 20 mm © minservice
Plattnerite, Hemimorphite, Aurichalcite Description: Elongated black plattnerite crystals up to 2 mm included in water-clear colorless hemimorphite crystals up to 4 mm with scattered blue-green aurichalcite crystals to 1 mm. There are several cavities filled with aurichalcite on the rear. Ex. Croad collection, originally acquired in 1956 Overall Size: 8.5x5x3.5 cm Crystals: 1-4 mm © JohnBetts-FineMinerals