It is one of the biggest mud volcanoes of the world with 404 meters height.

It is half cone form and diameter of crater more than 350meters width.

The last eruption of this volcano was 06 February 2017, and 23 September 2018 by time 05:40 it started eruption again. The last eruption we can separate to 3 phases, by 05:40 we have got information from the locals there was a gas explosion and local earthquake.

By 08:52 we noticed dark mud flow towards south-east and south directions. Mudflow was very fast with speed approximately 30 km/h or 8 m/sec!
Thir eruption phase started at 09:47 and we noticed huge fireball lifting from its crater. Gas and mud eruption continued until 13:00.

To the next day, mudflow stopped and length of flow was 3-3.5 km long, approximately height of mud flow is 6 – 7 meters. Approximately erupted materials calculated as 2,5- 3 mln tons of mud.

It was one of the most powerful eruptions this mud volcano on its history, and most powerful eruption for this year.

I`d like to remind there is almost 800 mud volcanoes in the world and almost half of them located in the Azerbaijan Republic.

Video Copyright © Uzeyir Mikayil