Red Diamond : What is Red Diamond? Where Can Red Diamond be Found?

Red diamond
Very rare Argyle Cardinal Fancy Red diamond

Red Diamond

It is a diamond with the same mineral properties as colorless diamonds, displaying red color. They are commonly known as the world’s most expensive and rare color of diamonds, more so than pink diamonds or blue diamonds.

It is like pink diamonds, are highly debated as to the source of their color, but the gemological community most frequently attributes both colors to gliding atoms in the structure of the diamond as it undergoes tremendous pressure during its formation.

They are among the twelve colors of fancy diamonds, the most expensive per carat price. They usually run in the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars per carat. Because they are the rarest color, they are hard to find in large sizes and are mostly found in sizes below 1 carat.

It exist only with one intensity of colour, Fancy, although their clarity may vary from Flawless to Included, just like white diamonds. The biggest and most flawless red diamond is the Red Diamond 5.11 carat Fancy Red Moussaieff, which has flawless clarity internally.

Source of Red Color in Diamonds

The most widely accepted theory is that a plastic deformation is caused in the crystal lattice structure during the formation of the diamond. Some of the atoms are misplaced as the diamond moves through its deposit of kimberlite, and this movement’s intense pressure causes the different shades of pink or red to appear.

This credits the hypothesis that they are actually extremely dark pink diamonds and why only one intensity of color is possible. It can be modified by the same secondary colors that can also be found to modify pink diamonds.

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Red color can be produced with high-energy particles irradiating a colorless diamond and then annealing it at high pressures and high temperatures.

Where Can Red Diamond be Found?

Red diamond source mines. Most of the them mined each year come from Kimberley, Western Australia’s Argyle diamond mine. They were also found in Brazil, Russia, and some African countries, though.

How Much Red Diamond?

In 1987, the first gem quality called the Hancock Red sold for over $926,000 per carat!

“Pure” red diamonds are so rare and disproportionately priced that they are generally beyond the scope of celebrity life and are rarely found above 1 Carat. As an example, this SI2 Clarity grade 0.71 Carat Fancy Red Diamond Radiant is priced at $ 603,600!