Elk (Sharpergeo), free geotechnical platform

Elk is a free geotechnical platform that can be extended with either free or/and commercial plugins. A single solution for all the phases of a geotechnical project: evaluate tests, model the subsoil, design structures.

Key Points

In-situ tests management

  • Ménard Pressuremeter,
  • Dynamic probing test,
  • Drilling with associated logs.

Subsoil models

  • 1D mean lithology,
  • 2D slope stability profile.

Web Map Services

  • Geotechnical object can be diplayed on any WMS map

Basic Earth shape management :

  • Areas
  • Points,
  • Placemarks,
  • Paths,
  • (…)

Some features :

  • Elk is a software platform : provides a structure that can be extended by plugins.
  • Structured data model : users manage one desktop, that could contain several workspaces, that could contain several projects,
  • Different kind of viewers : vertical viewer (depth), earth viewer (map), …
  • Data viewers can be added through plugins
  • Supports geoforge plugins (as GeoJSON or Gazetteer plugin)


Two displays are combined : vertical display with vertical interpretation and cartography display.
Shallow foundation is displayed vertically and is geolocalized on a virtual earth.
The parameters Em, Pf* and Pl* are obtained from the corrected test data



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