Río Grande

Map of the Amazon Basin showing Río Grande (highlighted)

The Río Grande (or Río Guapay) in Bolivia rises on the southern slope of the Cochabamba mountains, east of the city Cochabamba, at 17°26′11″S 65°52′22″W. At its source it is known as the Rocha River. It crosses the Cochabamba valley basin in a westerly direction. After 65 km the river turns south east and after another 50 km joins the Arque River at 17°42′10″S 66°14′45″W and an elevation of 2.350 m.

From this junction the river receives the name Caine River for 162 km and continues to flow in a south easterly direction, before it is called Río Grande. After a total of 500 km the river turns north east and in a wide curve flows round the lowland city of Santa Cruz.

After 1.438 km, the Río Grande joins the Ichilo River at 15°48′09″S 64°43′47″W which is a tributary to the Mamoré.

Note : The above story is based on materials provided by Wikipedia