OpenStereo is an open source, cross-platform software for structural geology analysis.

The software is written in Python, a high-level, cross-platform programming language and the GUI is designed with wxPython, which provide a consistent look regardless the OS. Numeric operations (like matrix and linear algebra) are performed with the Numpy module and all graphic capabilities are provided by the Matplolib library, including on-screen plotting and graphic exporting to common desktop formats (emf, eps, ps, pdf, png, svg).
OpenStereo is released under the GNU General Public License v.3.

An abstract about the software was presented at the AGU 2010 Fall Meeting. A ful paper is being prepared for publication.


Main interface. Left panel: file tree Right panel: tabs for each operation (stereonet, rose diagram, statistics and histogram)
Rose diagram tab. Full rose (360 deg). The highlighted file (left panel) is the one being ploted.
Statistics tab (1). The descriptive statistics are for the highlighted file. The text can be copied to the clipboard or save as a txt file. 2-axis (modified Flinn) diagram on the right. The color (and the symbols) are the same as those selected for the poles of the file.
Grid. Equal-area (Schmidt) projection.

Download :

Windows binaries (version 0.1.2f)
Python source code (version 0.1.2f)

More Info :  Instituto de Geociências – Universidade de São Paulo