Fundamentals of Geophysics “Second Edition”

Book Name : Fundamentals of Geophysic “Second Edition”
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich
This second edition of Fundamentals of Geophysics has been completely revised and
updated, and is the ideal geophysics textbook for undergraduate students of geoscience
with only an introductory level of knowledge in physics and mathematics.
Presenting a comprehensive overview of the fundamental principles of each major
branch of geophysics (gravity, seismology, geochronology, thermodynamics,
geoelectricity, and geomagnetism), this text also considers geophysics within the wider
context of plate tectonics, geodynamics, and planetary science. Basic principles are
explained with the aid of numerous figures, and important geophysical results are
illustrated with examples from scientific literature. Step-by-step mathematical
treatments are given where necessary, allowing students to easily follow the derivations.
Text boxes highlight topics of interest for more advanced students.
Each chapter contains a short historical summary and ends with a reading list that
directs students to a range of simpler, alternative, or more advanced, resources. This
new edition also includes review questions to help evaluate the reader’s understanding
of the topics covered, and quantitative exercises at the end of each chapter. Solutions to
the exercises are available to instructors.

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